Our Connections Team is committed to making people feel welcomed and loved from the moment they pull into the parking lot. A big wave, a warm smile, a firm handshake, and letting people know they belong are all experiences that make a church a home and people family.

When you’re serving in Connections, you help set the tone for our members and guests by creating a welcoming environment for all to experience transformation in Jesus Christ.

Connections is the heartbeat of all we do and whether that’s greeting or assisting in the parking lot or the front doors, ushering, serving at our VIP station and/or at the Next Steps station, we are honored to serve God and His people.

If you’d like to serve in Connections, we’re looking for people who want to share God’s love with others. There are many opportunities to serve at Celebration Center, and I’m happy to get you connected with a Department Director so you can be a part of a winning team.

For more information and opportunities to serve on CC Dream Team, please email  / or text the word ’dreamteam’ to 209-299-7233.

Creative Worship

We are a collective group of worshippers, artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, audio/visual technicians, and creatives with one goal in mind; expressing our love for Jesus thru art, media, and sound in every season.

We believe that Praise & Worship (to God) is a “taste of Heaven” while the Word is a “revelation of Heaven”. We count it a privilege to be a part of our Sunday morning experience and many other experiences throughout the week. We believe that worship is an outward expression of our love for Jesus and takes on many forms; flag and dance, song and spoken word.

Our Creative Worship team is responsible for helping to create an environment where people can best connect with God and others. If you are a vocalist, musician, or gifted in other areas, we have a place for you.

For more information on opportunities to serve, please email or contact the church office.

Impact Kids

Welcome to Impact Kids! Our staff, teachers, and volunteers provide a fun and nurturing environment. They are well-trained and have been screened through background checks and references and are CPR certified.

While your Nursery-aged (0-3 years old) and Kindertot-aged (4-5 years old) children are in our care, it is our goal to introduce them to the love and truth of God and equip them for school.  We use tools such as Bible stories and lessons, memory verses, and worship music to learn about our foundation of faith. Children will also be taught primary colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet as they develop fine motor skills through arts and crafts. We use everything from snack time, to play time, to provide your children with an educational and loving environment that will provide them the physical advantage and spiritual preparation they need for life!

The Impact KidZone is for children from 6 years old to 6th grade. From the rock-climbing wall to Nerf wars to the Bible Buck Store, children are guaranteed to have a blast!! Children will encounter God through worship, interactive lessons through the Bible, small groups, and fellowship. Our goal is for your children to grow in their faith so they will be grounded in the Word as they go out and conquer the world and make an impact!

We welcome you to come and experience our Nursery, KinderTots, and Impact Kids classes!

For more information or for opportunities to serve, please email or contact the church office at (209) 523-7962


Celebration Center KNGDM YTH is equipped to lead your student (grades 7-12) to Jesus and then disciple them to live a life according to the purpose God designed them for.  We strive to create an environment through worship, prayer, and studying the Bible that will help provide an encounter with God for your student weekly.  In addition to our weekly hang-outs we have bimonthly bible study time during one of our morning Sunday services and other fun events to bring your student closer to God, as well as to each other.  Our goal is to love your student right where they are, point them to Jesus, and help them become the leader God created them to be!

For more information or for opportunities to serve please email Pastors Tony and Lisa at: or contact the church office at (209) 523-7962.

CC Young Adults

Celebration Center Young Adults (CCYA) Ministry is for post-high school individuals ages 18-35 years of age. Adulting can be difficult, and CCYA is a place to form Christ-centered, meaningful friendships as we grow in our relationship with God and find our way in life.

We hang out on Friday nights and we always have faith-filled discussions, food, and fun.  Additionally, we have a monthly all-day Saturday excursion.

Our hope is that CCYA will not only get plugged in with each other but also plugged into our weekly church services and utilize the gifts that God has given them while serving Him and people.

For more information, please email: or call the church

office at (209) 523-7962.

CC Small Groups

We believe that following Jesus is a personal decision, but it shouldn’t be a private walk. We are better together! At times, the church appears big and it can be difficult to make connections and form meaningful relationships. CC Small Groups help us grow on our journey with Jesus and provide a place for us to connect and be in community with others.

Throughout the week, we offer a variety of small groups such as sermon application, Bible and/or book study, and special interest groups. They’re grouped based on gender, age, stage of life, and interests and they meet at church, in homes, online or other places throughout the community.

Transformational life change happens in community with others and these groups allow that to take place!

For more information:

Group Information
Sermon Application Groups / Bible Book Study Groups / Interest Based Groups


We believe in the power of fervent prayer and that prayer doesn’t just change things—it changes us! and have a growing team of people that are trained and ready to serve you as we all serve Christ together.

Our ministry team is trained and available to agree with you in prayer after our Sunday worship experience and we also have corporate prayer on Wednesday at 6:00 pm, where we combine worship and praying the Word of God.

If you love prayer, we’d like to connect with you. As a member of this team, you may receive intercessory prayer assignments for our staff and/or ministries, you may get to pray at the altar with people over a range of situations that could include accepting Jesus’ invitation for salvation, or you may be in direct contact with people who are hurting, broken, dealing with substance abuse, etc… Our hope is that as you pray for people and engage them in conversations, you reflect the heart of Jesus and help lead them to their Next Step.

For more information and opportunities to serve, please email or contact the church office at (209) 523-7962.   If you have an urgent prayer request, you can email, contact the office or text the word ‘prayer’ to 209-299-7233.


CC Outreach Department follows the mission of Jesus, which is to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…” Our local outreach team “Meeting the Needs”, consists of a group of compassionate individuals who meet practical and spiritual needs in our community, such as food, clothing, bibles, hospital visits, jail visits, street ministry, and other services.

Whether we are serving or supporting causes locally, nationally, and/or internationally our team is dedicated to the call of Christ and our goal is to reach one more and help them come into a relationship with Jesus.

For more information or for opportunities to serve and/or donate, please email or contact the church office at (209) 523-7962 

Life Recovery

Life Recovery is a place to find help and hope for anyone 18 or older who is looking for a pathway to freedom from addiction or other destructive habits. All Life Recovery material is Christ-centered and modeled after AA’s time-tested 12 steps which have helped millions in Recovery.

While sobriety and abstinence are good goals…freedom is better. We believe freedom comes through a relationship with Jesus, the highest power. If you need freedom, come. If someone you know needs freedom, bring them.

Relationships with others is essential because we draw from one another’s strengths and help each other in our struggles, so we begin our meetings with fellowship, followed by worship (where the atmosphere changes and hope fills the room), and conclude with a message.

The first Thursday of the month is testimony night. The second Thursday of the month is special topic night. The third Thursday of the month is step-work night. The fourth Thursday of the month is celebration chip night. These are open meetings.

Meetings are every Thursday from 7 pm-8:30 pm, and doors open at 6:30 pm for fellowship. Childcare is available.

For more information or for opportunities to serve, please email or or contact the church office at (209) 523-7962


The Facilities Department prepares the church buildings and grounds for our midweek meetings and weekend worship experience. We also make preparations for some of the most important moments in life such as child dedications, baptisms, weddings and more. In addition to that, we help with routine maintenance.

For more detailed information about our Facilities and/or opportunities to serve on our team, please email or call the church office (209) 523-7962.

Celebration School of Ministry

Our mandate from Jesus is to make disciples. Celebration Center School of Ministry is designed to help each person become a mature Christ follower who is devoted to live in their purpose and discover and utilize their gifts to reach one more for the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have 3 different courses:

Course 1: Discipleship

Our Discipleship course provides a foundational overview of basic Biblical doctrine.  This course will help guide and strengthen you as you discover God’s great love. You will find a Christ-centered culture that will help you grow in your faith to live out God’s call on your life of reaching one more for Jesus.

Course 2: Leadership

Our Leadership course provides a foundational overview of our Pastor’s God- given vision. You will learn Biblical principles and methods for Christ-centered ministry and leadership.  You will grow spiritually and develop Christ’s character in yourself and the necessary skills to help others. The goal is that you would be equipped to lead or assist in a CC Small Group and/or a ministry effort at Celebration Center with the purpose of reaching one more for Jesus.

Course 3: Supernatural Ministry  

Our Supernatural Ministry course provides foundational Biblical concepts and principles that reveal the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  In addition to instruction, there will also be application and impartation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This class will equip and empower each Christ-follower to go in the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in order to reach one more for Jesus.

Check back for session and registration,

For more information Email or call the church office at (209) 523-7962.

Women's Ministry / Real Women

Britney Gray / Women’s Ministry COORDINATOR

Britney and her husband Daniel are very involved in our church along with their four children. Britney loves a good cup of coffee and spending time with her family. She has been a part of the CC family since she was born. As she grew up in this very church watching and admiring women growing together and walking out their calling, she only hopes she can be a part of today’s generation helping women do the same.

Regardless of what season of life you’re in, we believe it is a combination of our tragedies and triumphs, our successes and failures and when surrendered to God they make a beautiful Mosaic Masterpiece.  Our desire is to encourage every woman in her journey as she seeks to know God and fulfill her destiny.

We believe in women—their effectiveness in ministry, their influence in the home, and their power in the workplace. We long to provide meaningful opportunities for building Christ-centered friendships through fellowship, special events, discipleship and service. It’s an honor to serve our congregation and share Jesus with our community, all while bridging the gap for the next generation.

You are the missing piece that completes the beautiful Mosaic!

For more information please contact Brittney at or call the church office (209) 523-7962

UPward Men's Ministry

Memo Villegas/ Men’s Ministry Coordinator

Proverbs 15:24 The path of life leads UPward for the wise; they leave the grave behind.

Welcome to our Men’s Ministry, a community where fellowship and faith converge. We’re better together, so our ministry is committed to fostering strong bonds among men as we navigate life’s journey.

Through regular gatherings and events, we aim to deepen our understanding of spiritual principles, provide a supportive environment for discussing life’s challenges and encourage personal growth. We strive to build lasting connections, nurture authentic friendships, and empower each other to live purposeful lives grounded in faith.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual enrichment, meaningful connections, or practical tools, our Men’s Ministry is here to support you on your path to becoming the man that God created you to be. Please join us as we embark on a collective journey of brotherhood, faith, service, and fulfillment as being followers of Christ.

For more information please contact Memo at: or call the church office at (209) 523-7962

Care Ministry

Welcome to the Care Ministry! We believe as followers of Christ it is our duty to come alongside the sick, broken hearted, and those who have found themselves to just need a little extra love and care. Life can hit us with challenges in many ways and the goal of the Care Ministry is to extend the Father’s heart to Celebration Center’s members and within the community.

The Care Ministry has a Chaplin presence in all of the hospitals within the Modesto area. We also have a weekly worship experience at a local nursing home for those who can’t make it to church to worship corporately. The Care Ministry coordinates meals, grocery shopping for the homebound and so much more.

As the Care Ministry, we strive to fill in the gaps and seek to follow his command to serve others.

For more information or opportunities to serve, please contact the church office at (209) 523-7962 or email

About Us

At Celebration Center our mission is to follow the Great Commandments and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

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