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Jim and Denise Patterson/ Connections Directors

Denise grew up in Modesto and has attended Celebration Center her entire life. Jim grew up in Modesto and came to know the Lord in his early twenties and has attended Celebration Center for a few years. Jim and Denise met at church, where they love connecting with people, worshipping and serving together with family and friends. They are newly married with a blended family. When they’re not at church, they enjoy traveling and love spending time with their kids and fourteen grandkids.

Justin and Angelica Lorenzo/ Creative Worship Pastors

Justin and Angelica have been happily married for over 10 years.  They both grew up with a love of singing and creating and are passionate for not only leading worship, but also seeing people enter into a life of worship.

They have two daughters and 2 dogs and love travel and new adventures.

justin and angelica

Dawson and Alexis Jones / Impact Kids Pastors

Dawson and Alexis met at and are both graduates of Southwestern Christian University. He left Texas to attend college in Oklahoma and moved to California after graduation. Dawson believes that kids are the future of God’s kingdom and is blessed to teach them the Word. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Alexis fondly remembers her experience in children’s church at Celebration Center and loves teaching kids how to partner with Heaven and make an impact in this world.

They are recent newlyweds and in addition to ministry, Dawson and Alexis love a good cup of coffee, spending time with their two goldendoodles, and working alongside each other in their business.

Alexis and Dawson

David and Ashley Grokholsky/ Young Adult Pastors

David and Ashley were both born and raised in Modesto. They have been married for 10 years and are Mom and Dad to two princesses and one prince. They are small business owners who are passionate about seeing lives transformed through Jesus!  They love building authentic relationships and helping young adults discover God’s abundant love so they can walk in their purpose.

In their free time, they enjoy working out and they love camping, boating, skiing and more!

David and Ashley

Teresa Byrd Mendoza/ Director of Outreach

Teresa has been attending Celebration Center for the past twelve years. She has served in many different areas in the church and is currently the Outreach Director. She loves spending time with her team serving inside and outside the church walls. They’re equipped with knowledge and resources and the willingness to implement them. They believe that just about anything can be used to reach one more and win them for Jesus.

She’s lived in Modesto for approximately 14 years with her husband Ronnie and her three amazing daughters. Even in her free time, her family spends many hours serving in outreach. People are her passion!

Teresa Byrd Mendoza

Michael and Tiffany Armesto/ Life Recovery Pastors

Michael and Tiffany have been married for fourteen years and they have two boys ages seventeen and eighteen and a seven year-old daughter. They both have Graduated from Celebration Center’s School of Ministry and Tiffany has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

In the last sixteen years, they’ve served in a variety of roles including children, students, men & women’s ministries, care pastors and currently they’re the Life Recovery Pastors at the Modesto campus.

Tiffany and Michael are over 17 years clean and free from methamphetamines. They have a passion to see bound people set free! They have a heart for the broken and hurting and it is their ultimate desire to reach one more for Jesus!

In their free time, they enjoy spending time with family and friends and they love to camp and go to the beach! and

Michael and Tiffany

Liz Tillman

“Mama” Liz has been attending Celebration Center for over 20 years and has served in a number of way. With more than 20 years sobriety, she is passionate about coming alongside people and sharing the freedom she’s found in Christ and the steps she took to get there.

Liz grew up in Modesto and is a mom and grandma and she enjoys spending her free time with family


Steve and Pam Raymond/ Facilities Directors

Steve and Pam came to Celebration Center in 2006 with their 3 children and have been “all in” since day one. They love serving alongside each other and believe that God has placed their family here at Celebration Center to serve the body of Christ.

Steve and Pam enjoy spending quality time with family and friends and sharing adventures with those they love.

Pam and Steve

Janiero Green/ Security Director

Janiero “Jay” Green has been attending Celebration Center since 2004 and has served in many capacities.

He lives in Modesto along with his wife, Christina and their three children. He strives to provide excellence in creating a safe environment for Celebration Center. He has served in a Security position for many years in several organizations within Modesto and is honored to serve here at Celebration Center.


Matt and Jennifer Rochell/ Care Pastors

Matt and Jennifer have been married for 11 years and have 5 children; 4 boys and 1 girl right in the middle. Matt is a marketplace Chaplin and Jennifer has her Master’s in Education and Psychology. They have served in many different capacities including children’s, family, outreach, youth, and prayer ministry. They have attended Celebration Center since 2019 and currently serve as Care Pastors. Their goal is to share God’s love by extending comfort and care wherever there is a need and they desire to help others seek a true relationship with God so they can discover their purpose.

In their free time, Matt and Jennifer enjoy attending their kids’ sporting events, cooking together, listening to and creating music, and making room for lots of laughter. 

Pastors Tony and Lisa Rojas/ KNGDM YTH Pastors

Tony and Lisa Rojas are a dynamic duo with a heart for youth empowerment and spiritual growth. With three wonderful boys of their own, Tony and Lisa understand the importance of guiding the next generation towards their fullest potential.

Their shared passion for inspiring and uplifting young minds shines through in every aspect of their work. They are enthusiastic about nurturing leadership qualities in the youth and fostering an environment where young individuals can discover and develop their unique strengths. However, their mission extends beyond leadership development. Tony and Lisa’s deep-seated dedication to reaching those who may feel lost is evident in their approach. With an unwavering commitment to sharing the message of God’s love, they wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of faith.

They believe Jesus is not just a concept but a way of life and their devotion to Him is the driving force behind all that they do. Whether it’s their role as youth pastors, parents, or community leaders, their faith remains at the core, guiding them to bring out the best in each person they encounter.

Tony and Lisa Rojas

Noah and Stephanie Williams / Discipleship Directors

Noah and Stephanie have been serving at Celebration Center for several years in a variety of ministry departments. They have a passion for intimately knowing the Lord through worship, study and prayer. Their goal is to see believers of all ages build a solid foundation with God and to be in discipleship relationships with others so they can be part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Noah and Stephanie have been married since 2016 and enjoy spending time with their 5 children.

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