Married Couples

Couples married for over one year who are looking to strengthen or save their marriage.
Money Marriage Seminar
This seminar presents the Crown Financial curriculum to provide the married couple with the tools they need to be good stewards of their finances.
Blended Family Seminar
This seminar provides the blended family with specialized tools, and Godly examples of ways to address situations and conflicts that are specific to step-parents/step-child relationships including visitation schedules, and ex-wives/husband relationships that re-emphasize loving family values.
Marriage Seminar Videos
This video seminar by Jimmy Evans is a multi-video, multi-topic series on creating a paradise in your marriage. This seminar is conducted quarterly and is held on Saturday evenings from 6:45p.m.-10:00p.m. and continuing at 8:00a.m.on Saturday until 2:00 p.m. There is an optional lunch available for purchase on Saturday.
Contact the office or stop by the Connection Center on Sunday for more information!

Marriage-in-Crisis Marital Counseling
This service provides couple-to-couple marriage counseling by Godly married couples within the Celebration Center family. The main purpose of this service is provide support, prayer, and counsel in an effort to strengthen the marriage to a renewed commitment to the relationship.
Contact the office for more information.