Engaged Couples

Couples who have become engaged and ready to set a date.
Pre-Marital Counseling Sessions
These sessions start with meeting with the Senior Pastors. 
8 weeks of compatibility assessment material and clarification of expectations will be given the engaged couple.
Nearly Married/Newly Married Seminar
This seminar focuses on the aspects of a new marriage that the couple will be entering into. Check our Calendar for upcoming dates! 
 Marriage Seminar Videos
This video seminar by Jimmy Evans is a multi-video, multi-topic series on creating a paradise in your marriage. This seminar is conducted quarterly and is held on Saturday evenings from 6:45p.m.-10:00p.m. and continuing at 8:00a.m.on Saturday until 2:00 p.m. There is an optional lunch available for purchase on Saturday.
Check our Calendar for Upcoming Dates!
Contact the office or stop by the Connection Center on Sunday for more information!
Wedding Book
This book is a list of things to do before saying I DO.  The book includes referrals for local florists, musicians, photographers and more! This is a must for every engaged couple in Modesto.
Marriage Mentors
This service provides the Engaged Couple with godly marriage example and counsel by another couple trained in the Marriage Ministry. This couple will be paired up with you through your first anniversary to ensure you have the support you need to develop a marriage that will honor God.
Wedding Coordinators
Wedding Coordinators are available to assist couples who are holding their wedding at Celebration Center. Our Coordinators advise the engaged couple through the ceremony process addressing each ceremony option available. This service begins as the couple reserves their wedding date, continues through the rehearsal, and concludes after the wedding ceremony.
Contact the office for more information.