Christian Discipline Institute Growth Classes

Christian Disciplines Institute 


The Christian Disciplines Institute has been established at Celebration Center to help equip people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, to represent Jesus while living their lives.  This is whether they have just met Jesus or have known Him for years.


The vision at Celebration center is to obey some very last requests Jesus gave His followers.  In the Bible, it says in the book of Matthew: 
Then Jesus approached them and told them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.Therefore, as you go (as you are living every day), disciple people in all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything that I’ve commanded you. And remember, I am with you each and every day until the end of the age.”
This instruction to His followers is so important to our pastors that the church mission statement is “To honor God by making disciples for Jesus Christ.”

 4 venues Celebration Center has developed to help all be better Christ Followers are:
  •   The Growth and Kingdom Classes in the Christian Disciplines Institute (CDI)
  •   Sunday Celebration Services
  •   Small Groups
  •   Encounter Weekends


All adult members (Seniors in High School and older), whether a new Christian or one who has followed Christ for a long time are encouraged to start in Growth Class 1.   It is not uncommon to find other friends, not part of Celebration Center, coming to these classes to be refreshed, add more knowledge to what they already know, and to receive impartation from the Holy Spirit through the teachers.

Don’t let a thought of classes stop you from going through the growth classes as CDI!
We have graduates who could not read and graduates over 80 years old.  There is no grade.  Spelling and grammar are not even corrected.  You receive just a complete or incomplete on any take home assignment.  If you just show up faithfully and if you try, you will pass!


All who graduate with 7 months of Sunday Classes may participate in a beautiful formal graduation, and become eligible for further ministry and leadership opportunity at Celebration Center.  Certificates of completion are also awarded at the end of each section of classes.
Being in the class is most important to receive impartation and to catch the vision of our pastors and purpose at Celebration Center as a grateful family of believers in Christ.
Graduates of the Christian Disciplines Institute also earn one year of college credit at Advantage Bible College, located in the Modesto Facility. with college classes, there and online.


Modesto: Start Introduction to Celebration Center Class the First Sunday of any month at 9:00 AM.
Oakdale: Call the office 209-523-7962 to get current times of the classes in Oakdale.

General Course Overview

During classes, besides learning more about God, Christian Doctrine and New Life Principles, a couple of surveys are given to help you identify your personality type and what spiritual gifts might be operating in your life at the time of the test. You may find you are asked to be a ministry assistant during this time as well.


After graduation or while waiting to start Growth Class 1, Kingdom Classes are available every week at 9:30 am in Modesto to everyone.  These classes use video as a medium.  Discussion is led by Celebration Center Leadership.
Email or call (209) 523-7962 more information.